Expert warns for hair transplant for men in their 20s.

For balding men, the promises made by hair transplant doctors these days are 90% successful that are good. But now one doctor is warning that men in their 20s, undergoing a hair transplant could be something they will go on seriously regret.

A doctor “Abraham Armani” said that a hair transplant surgeries are on people for corrective purposes or people having tertiary procedures.  They have had procedures by other doctors and they come to us to improve or completely correct it. According to Armani, problems often rise when a hair transplant is done before a man has fully finished losing all his hair- making it a risky procedure for younger men who may continue to lose hair for many years.

During treatment of hair transplant, a surgeon typically removes a strip of hair from the very back of man’s head, relocating it to the front of the head where balding occurs. The follicles in those areas are permanent, there are never going to shed off permanently so we take advantage of that said doctor. We can remove them and transplant them anywhere else on the scalp or on the body and it will be permanent. If a man not finished losing his hair at the time they receive the transplant, promise will arise.

One student said that I started losing my hair at 18 r 19 years old, and it was really a self- esteem issue and a confidence issue on part. But after treatment he realized that he has done a huge mistake. The analogy that he’ll use is that he looked like if you can imagine….. the hairline that was on a doll, where it looks pluggy, or like a cornfield- that was his experience 20 years ago Jeff said he was devastated.

The child said there is a lot of change in the field of hair transplantation since Jeff had his first surgery 20 years ago- medications that can slow or halt balding, like Prophecy and Rogaine, have become more popular. We need to stabilize hair loss first using medication and once his hair loss is stable and know pattern of balding, what we are looking at in the future, then 3 or4 years he can look at hair transplant.

He has gone through two hair transplants, the skin on his scalp was too for a traditional transplant. but using the FFUE, he was individual hair follicles, selectively filling in the bald spots between his previous transplant lines.

Hair loss is not just male pattern baldness, there are medications that can cause hair loss, medical problems like hormones that cause hair loss. First of all patients have to search for someone who specializes in hair loss and transplantation, who sits down, analyses scalp knows about medical history and then they can have informed options of what they need to do- whether medicine or waiting said hair transplantation.

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