Get permanent rid from Dandruff: –

There are many persons who are suffering from dandruff. This scalp disease affects people of all age groups mostly it is seen in teenage group, when the body is going through changes. When all go through this age, you all use different shampoos, conditioners and over counter remedies on your scalp. It is not a serious disease, but implications of that can be. Due to dandruff acne, pimples, and lead to lower confidence, self esteem of social awkwardness.

Firstly brush your hair as it helps to get rid from dead cells. It also helps in flowing blood and helps in increases air supply to scalp and hair. For this you use best quality and wide tooth comb and brush for your hair.

You have to take head bath twice or thrice in a week as not washing your hair enough creates scum of dead skin cells and oil on your scalp these problems lead to itchy scalp and dandruff. Use herbal shampoo and wash your hair every alternate day. Apply a conditioner half an itchy away your scalp.

Stress of anything affects us physically as well as mentally. Excess of work, emotional or even exam time can cause dandruff leads to hair fall. Eat fresh and healthy food at proper times. Keep yourself hydrated. Never go to saloon for your hair as there are more chemicals in their products as well as they are harmful and affect badly our hairs which leads to hair fall and then you have to go through hair transplant.

All blame for modern diet for dandruff foods like processed items, refined sugar, fried food fats rich food cause inflammation, which could lead to flaking and dandruff. Oil your hair regularly and use conditioner that moisturizes your hair as well as scalp. Wash your hair regular to keep your hair oil free if your skin is oily.





Complete crown Coverage- best hair transplant coverage

Those who are completely bald, go through this hair transplant level. I challenge you to find another doctor that will give you the results of hair transplant like Dr. Walia, with the hair loss as extensive as the patient was. In this procedure there are many times and after ten months his entire head is covered with hair. According to the reviews and results of the people, there is craze in bald people to undergo hair transplant to get natural hairs back.

The loss of your hair might not just same like other people, especially you personally will start to notice it when it starts happening. One patient observes the path to developing large bold spots throughout his hairline, crown and vertex and he takes action on that time which was best to prevent hair loss. Do not wait until it’s too late to restore your hair. Dr. Walia and his team is the one of best and able to give more and best to their patients more than their expectations. Don’t wait until you get too late to restore your hair. Day by day more and more people are starting to realize that it doesn’t make sense to settle for a hair transplant doctor according to location. You can choose to stay minimize results, or achieve life-changing rewards of planning ahead.

Congratulations to all patients of Walia Hair transplant Center.

Hairbands with the teeth: – Are they useful?

Hair bands are the accessory that both men and women use. No wonder why it is tagged as a universal hair accessory. It can be worn by people of all ages, be it a toddler or adult. If you are having a bad day hair day, you have to do is just put hair-band and you will have an instant hair fix. You have the option that you have to wear hair, band alone or with additional accessories on your head like hair pins, rubber bands.

There are different types of hair bands options are available from where we choose. It is important to choose according to the preference and personality, surely you will find head-band that can be well thought-out as your perfect match. Available with other choices you can find hair-bands which are made by hard material and soft material. The styles, the shapes and width vary too for every person’s head. The key is here to secure the hair-band in the place of bobby pins. There are different kinds of hair-bands like hair-bands with teeth. The size of teeth varies on different heads. The teeth give anchor to the band of hair. A lot of people wearing hair-bands with teeth are because of the grip they offer. If you want a highly functional hair-band, then you have to use teeth hair-band it is all you need to wear. it is perfect for people with active lifestyle. The common shape of hair-bands is U shape. Mostly hair-bands are made from plastic material. If you want huge collections of hair-bands you have to visit hair-bands specialty store. You will have huge benefits if you start buying online as there are large number of varieties of hair-bands.

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Fox Test:-

It is important to note that the tightness with follicular units is held in dermis varies and hence Follicular Units Extraction may not be suitable in all patients. Therefore, before undertaking any patient for FUE hair transplant, the surgeon should certain whether the patient is suitable for all candidates. In FOX test, the surgeon takes about few grafts from the donor area and then evaluates how many complete follicular units are extracted. If the extraction is easy and complete units are extracted, then the surgeon should go ahead with FUE otherwise shift for strip procedure technique. According to the completeness of extracted grafts these are classified into five grades. In grade one when intact follicular units literally pop out of the scalp or when there is only occasional transaction of individual hairs in the unit.

In Fox grade 2 extractions may be relatively easy in the first session, but as we talk about subsequent procedures it becomes more problematic and the yield starts to decline. These patients the long-term yield starts to decline. In these patients the long term yield can be compromised and planning extremely difficult. In FOX as we discuss for the grade 3 the emergent angle is difficult.

Approximately 200 patients enrolled in a study to access their candidacy for FUE. They found that 74% of all those patients were FOX1, FOX2, or FOX3. The description for each category allows for the considerable individual physician discretion and interpretation. In fox 4to 5 the yield is too low for the FUE procedure to be successful. Here, the decision not to use FUE should be straightforward as the transaction rate would be too high. If your patient is FOX positive, the surgeon can go ahead with FUE in the indications mentioned.