Get permanent rid from Dandruff: –

There are many persons who are suffering from dandruff. This scalp disease affects people of all age groups mostly it is seen in teenage group, when the body is going through changes. When all go through this age, you all use different shampoos, conditioners and over counter remedies on your scalp. It is not a serious disease, but implications of that can be. Due to dandruff acne, pimples, and lead to lower confidence, self esteem of social awkwardness.

Firstly brush your hair as it helps to get rid from dead cells. It also helps in flowing blood and helps in increases air supply to scalp and hair. For this you use best quality and wide tooth comb and brush for your hair.

You have to take head bath twice or thrice in a week as not washing your hair enough creates scum of dead skin cells and oil on your scalp these problems lead to itchy scalp and dandruff. Use herbal shampoo and wash your hair every alternate day. Apply a conditioner half an itchy away your scalp.

Stress of anything affects us physically as well as mentally. Excess of work, emotional or even exam time can cause dandruff leads to hair fall. Eat fresh and healthy food at proper times. Keep yourself hydrated. Never go to saloon for your hair as there are more chemicals in their products as well as they are harmful and affect badly our hairs which leads to hair fall and then you have to go through hair transplant.

All blame for modern diet for dandruff foods like processed items, refined sugar, fried food fats rich food cause inflammation, which could lead to flaking and dandruff. Oil your hair regularly and use conditioner that moisturizes your hair as well as scalp. Wash your hair regular to keep your hair oil free if your skin is oily.





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