Summer is here, be careful for your hairs…..

Summer is set and the sun is ready to blow heat.  Protect your hairs from UV rays damage and use sun protections. Going in the sun without protection for your hair and the scalp protection is harmful for you.  Be careful while using your hair products that are all natural as possible. Products like alcohol or formaldehyde since they are excessively dying for hair as the hair transplant in India doctors say.

If you are using hot curling tools for your hair every day,  then give a break to all those in summer months. Make sure that you have trimmed ends after 6-8 weeks. Avoid washing your hair in these days too much as the shampoos we use have high SPF in that which are gentle, nourishing.

Never skip conditioning in summers. If you love swimming in summers then you have to keep wet your hair before entering the pool. As then they will absorb less chlorine.  Don’t brush your hair, instead of it use wide comb. After shampooing your hair from the tips to the roots, your hair feels soft and healthy instantly. Summer is best time for trimming hair. Leave in hair conditioners are designed to penetrate or settle down into the layer of the cuticle thus protecting your hair from any type of damage.

In summers tie your hairs into knot or in other way like bun, braids. Hair braided when wet will air into beautiful waves.  Our hairs are also a reflection for our life style. Balanced diet and daily exercise helps and add sheen to your hair. Give break to heat hair styling, use natural hair styles in summer as artificial hairstyles leads to hair loss. Never forget to get Vitamin C in your daily diet. Orange is also helpful and a good source of Vitamin C.


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